How can I avoid to stop an interesting conversation with a partner in front of me because of the movement of the chairs ? The movement of the chairs is very slowly, so you can arrange to finish the conversation and begin it again in anothet moment/place. If you really wish to speak longer with the same friend during the meal you have to sit beside him.
Changing parters in front of you is one play rule of the table "Dynamic Meetings" and, however, it can be more or less appareciated in accordance with the personal taste. In any case we suppose there is some friendship and good relationship between people sitting at the same table.
If the chairs are mechanically connected to the table, how can I modify the distance with the table ? By means of the adjustable connecting bar you can modify the distance between chair and table.

How can I relax and enjoy my meal if the chairs are running around the table ?

The chairs are moving very slowly, about 9 cm/minute only, or less in accordance with your taste, in order to grant your comfort while your partner changes in front of you.
It isn't great to see empty seats. If the participants are less then the seats, it's possible to pull away some of these and some trays and put the necessary seats in the right position: so there will be the same distance among everyone.
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