• Trying DYNAMIC MEETINGS I thought I would find an ugly object, with viewable mechanic fittings, on the contrary I was surprised by the great design, the comfort and the fact that you don't see any mecanic accessory. (G.G. Lugano)

  • Congratulation for the idea which proposes a new way to have lunch and dinner, with unforeseen psychological envolvement (L.M. Milano)

  • It's smart and practical (I.B. Milano)

  • It's better live (in the reality) then on a picture.

  • For the dinners of our association it would be the best: we'll look for some restaurants who are using it. (L.C. Lugano)

  • All of us would like to meet a lot of people: with this table it's possibile (B.B. Lugano)

  • I couldn't imagine it, but after having tried it, I'm enthusiast (C.R. Lugano)

  • i tried DYNAMIC MEETINGS with my husband: at the beginning I knew only him, after one hour I had met and talked with all the others! The evening has been fantastic and I'd like to do it again (G.C. Bellinzona)

  • Thanks to DYNAMIC MEETINGS I met and got in contact with the one who is now my girlfriend (H.V. Zurigo)

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