What is Dynamic Meetings ? Oblong special table in several length, for groups of more than 10 persons.
Why Dynamic Meetings is so useful ? Because it allows the commensals to meet everybody sitting at the same table during a banquet! Everyone can have a lager variety of conversations compared to those possible around a traditional "static" table. At the end of the meal everybody will be excited to have had so many conversation partners and so much fun!

How does Dynamic Meetings run ?

speed about 9 cm/min.

An eletric motor moves the seats slowly, including the occupants, all together around the table, so that each commensal can meet, one by one in front of him, all the friends sitting at the same table. A large tray, containing all the personal accessories, like dishes, glasses and so on, moves together with the relevant chair, allowing eating and drinking during the movement.

Techical features and models

The table, made of iron and wood, looks like a traditional table, which can be normally set with a cloth. Onto the central area many objects of common use can be placed, like beverages, fruits, bread, flowers and decorations. From the smallest model for 12 persons you can obtain longer dimensions by adding prolonging modules.
Applications Restaurants, hotels, private homes, club houses, meeting and holiday centers, crusing ships, singles clubs, hospitals, luna parks, ect.
Setting requirements The floor might be of any material, but must be flat. Electric lowered power supply, under the table base, or from ceiling.

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